Hello and welcome. The purpose behind this website is first and foremost to show that you can achieve most website ideas using only basic HTML and CSS coding.

HTML and CSS coding may sound complex and hard to learn, but I can assure you that is not the case at all. With the use of a plain text editor and a few basic easy to learn "tags" creating a web page is as simple as sending a text message.

HTML is the coding behind a web page and it is the correct yet minimal usage of this medium that can make the difference in whether or not the resultant page is easily read by the search engines and the visitor's browser.

CSS controls the layout and styling of the HTML elements within the web page and can be the key factor when realising your own website ideas. Again the amount of coding used should be kept to a minimum in order to fufill that purpose.

Minimise coding to improve accessability

Minimal markup is desirable for the dual purposes of stability, since there is less to go wrong, plus it may also give search engine optimisation benefits through making your web page content more easily accessible and quicker loading.

Reusing CSS styles throughout your page can achieve quite useful savings in terms of coding weight and is a practise to be encouraged whenever it is practical.

Since cross browser support is always a matter of primary concern the aim and simplicity of the coding used does avoid the majority of issues which means no need for multiple style sheets.

Examples given are of a nature that they are rendered correctly across a wide range of browsers and due to this limitation do not include the latest updates that are available within the newest version of HTML and CSS3.

By explaining the basics of a strict yet simple method of coding I would hope to encourage you in forming your own ideas and rules.

Once you are comfortable with the basics of CSS I had no doubt that you will start to explore the presentational aspects achievable, but would remind you that the function of a web page should always take precedence over form.

Your feedback is important to me and will let me know your area of main interest. You may feel free to discuss your website ideas.

If I fail to explain some aspect clearly then I have not fufilled my aims. Feel obliged to use the contact form and ask of me. Why?